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There are many therapists in the Dallas area.  But you do not want to go to just any therapist, you want a great one.  Well, you have found the therapist you are looking for.  The first difference is education.  Many counselors practice with a masters degree.  Dr. Holtz has earned a PhD in Counseling Supervision & Education as well as a dual Master's Degree. What does that mean? It means he has years more training than most counselors you will find. Secondly Dr. Holtz has years of experience helping people just like you! This training combined with 11 years of experience means that you get the best counseling you can find. Remember, many therapists refer their patients to Dr. Holtz, and it's for a reason.  If you are going to spend your time and money it should be with the person who is best suited to help you.


At the end of the day here's what matters most of all.  I can help you.  You can have a better experience in life, or with your partner, or with whatever it is that troubles you.  I have helped thousands of people just like you.  A better you starts with a quick phone call or an email to me.  If you're ready to work, I am ready to help.  Make today the day you start living the best life you can.  Please do check out all of my 5 star reviews on Google.

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