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Holtz Counseling

Dr. Christopher J. Holtz, Ph.D.




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Holtz Counseling is proud to announce the opening of a new office at 3607 Oak Lawn Road, Suite 270, Dallas, Texas 75219.  Limited in person appointments are now available again. Night and weekend appointments may also be available on a limited basis.  Please call or email for specific scheduling requests. Our beautiful location in uptown is easily accessible by most areas of the metroplex. 


Dr. Holtz is one of the premier therapists in Dallas. He offers couples therapy, marital & affair repair, individual counseling, life coaching and family therapy. Dr. Holtz has helped thousands of couples and individuals and he can help you too! 

It was Dr. Holtz' mission to create the highest possible level of counseling service for patients in the Dallas area.  Many patients see Dr. Holtz after discontinuing counseling or feeling unhelped by previous therapists.  Many counselors  claim to treat many things, however, they often lack the clinical ability to do so.  You deserve to have a qualified, compassionate therapist who helps people every day.  Someone who doesn't just know what they are talking about from a book, rather someone with a proven track record of success.  All it takes is a phone call or email and you can be on the road to being a better you! 

What can Holtz Counseling do for you?  Dr. Holtz has specialized training in couples therapy, marital issues as well as intimacy & sex therapy.  One of the most common couples issues is one that sadly, many clinicians are uncomfortable talking about let alone work with.  Many couples come to see Dr. Holtz after being referred by other counselors who know he is the one who can help the most. 

“Dr. Holtz helped myself and my wife through one of the most difficult periods of our life.  We cannot thank him enough for his help and kindness."

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3607 Oak Lawn Road, Suite 270, Dallas, Texas 75219


Telephone: 214-740-4918


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